Sunday, May 10, 2020

Closed at the Shore

It's Sunday night.  Mother's Day!  I feel like I didn't leave the kitchen the whole day.  I hope Amy had a nice day.  More on that later.  Last Saturday we got up and it was nice so we decided to finally go to the shore.  
 It was a quick hour and a half ride there.  The kids were pretty good.  
 Remember this place boys?  

 Aden helped me set up the outdoor furniture.  
 Ariel did some cart wheels.  
 Then we went for a walk.  We ran into Cooper and Stella.  

 It was a beautiful day!
 We were so happy to be there but it was kind of eerie.  Mostly everything was closed.  
 There wasn't much to do.  We sat around.  

 I went for a walk with Ariel and Eli.  
 People spaced apart picking up dinner.  
 So weird.  
 I bought 18 golf games online because they had a sale.  I hope we get to use them!  We have no idea what this summer is going to be like.  We got Bocca for dinner because Steve and Cookies was sold out.  We got the kids to bed early and we just watched tv.  

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