Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Monday night.  I took a nasty spill on my bicycle today.  So embarrassing and so painful.  I can only imagine how I'm going to feel tomorrow.  Let's do this so I can go to bed.  Last Sunday was Mother's Day!  I had the kids help me make a cinnamon swirl cake for Amy before she woke up.  

 Here's the finished volcano!  Time to give it a try!


 Amy woke up and we got to work on the waffles.  
 She got to open her cards.  
 Ariel colored in a Britto message.  
 These came out funny.  Eli thinks Amy's name is Alexa because that is what we are always calling out!
 Noah did great!
 Here are there cards.

 The cake came out yummy.  
 Wrestling time.  

 I got Amy a Britto statue.  
 Playing outside in our pjs.  

 The King is back on his throne.  
 Eli found a bee and played with it for a while.  He had so many questions about it.  I guess he had never seen a bee up close.  
 Back to the volcano.  

 Aden made Lucy the Elephant!
 Happy Mother's Day ladies!  You all work so hard and deserve a special day or two!
 I got Amy crab cakes from Maryland and candy from Chicago.  She loved the crab cakes.  

 Disney sing a long number 2!  The boys got to hear Shakira sing their favorite song from Zootopia.  

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