Sunday, November 8, 2020

12 Foot High Narrow Faced Ghost

It's Sunday night and wow, what a weekend.  Both days got close to 80 degrees!  We spent as much time outdoors as we could.  We even had a late in the season visit to a pumpkin patch.  Back to last Saturday, which was Halloween.  I took so many pictures, I will have to post the rest tomorrow.  

It was cold that morning!
Eli could not wait to set up his inflatable ghost.  He calls it a floatie for some reason.  
Wow that thing is pretty scary and big!

Even Heather was scared!
Eva hung out in the morning and Ariel ended up back at her house.  
We took all the boys for haircuts.  Everyone there was in the spirit!
Eli looks forward to the haircuts and then gives us the hardest time.  
We stopped the market to get pumpkins to carve.  They didn't have much of a selection.  
Over to Melissa's to carve.  
Melissa and Mark don't mind dealing with the goo in the middle.  
Aden really got into it.  
Want to play Honey?  

Mark roasted up some seeds.  
Aden's handiwork!
Back home to get ready for the night.  
Ariel the dear.  
Pete the Cat and Rusty Rivets.  
We had one group of trick or treaters the whole night.  That's so sad!
The twins only went to one house.  Across the street to Judy and Barry's house.  
They were for some reason cranky about the whole thing so that was it.  
We headed over to the Lake's for their Halloween party.  
Look at this amazing food!

It was a pretty big party!  We let the kids in first so we could get them out of the way.  

Then the parents could do some jello shots!
That were in shots!
The big kids went outside and little ones went to the basement.  To be continued...


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