Thursday, November 12, 2020

Winston's Party

It's Thursday night and the virus numbers are really bad again.  In fact, worse than they were at the height of it in the Spring.  I'm getting nervous about going anywhere.  On a lighter note, is anyone watching the Bachelorette?  I'm still on episode 2 so I'm talking Claire.  She's completely insane.  Back to last Friday.

The girls were off to school.  Ariel insisted on a regular backpack instead of her rolling backpack.  It was so heavy!  She cried while she walked.  
Oh no!  They closed the Bristol Rd bridge one day early!
At the gym later.  The work is progressing.  
That night we went next door to celebrate Winston's 15th birthday.  
The boys played chess.  
The twins wanted to learn it!
All the neighbors were there.  

Those are cool crystals Eli!

The kids went crazy in the basement.  

Aden had been having trouble with his math homework so we brought it over.  No one could figure it out!  Have a great weekend!


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