Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Earth and the Moon

It's a freezing cold Tuesday night.  They started construction on my main way to work and my backup way to work.  Ugh.  Anyone have a helicopter I could borrow?  Back to last Sunday.  After the tractor ride, we went to the store.  Eli loves any and all inflatables.  
Steven had fun shopping.  So did his parents.  They got 2 pecan pies.  
Ariel and Eva had caramel apples.  
I had a yummy apple cider doughnut.  
The boys got to play a little more than they had to go back to the city for grandpop's 60th birthday dinner.  
The boys hugged!
What virus?
They sent us this picture from the way home.  I guess we wore him out.  
Back home and Eli wanted to play in the leaves.  
We went out back and we found tracks on our deck.  
Who do you think was visiting?  
Liza came to play.  
The boys really had a full day.  
Rachel worked with Ariel.  

We met my parents for a cold, outside dinner.  
Monday at the gym.  
I ran on the track and watched them clean one of their party floats.  
I saw this at the golf center.  You have seen many pictures of my next door neighbor Winston.  He definitely does not look like that!
Playing in the leaves!

Noah wins at Uno almost every time.  
This is an actual picture.  There is a satellite that's beyond the moon so it could take a pic of the moon crossing the Earth.  So cool.  


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