Monday, November 9, 2020

Where Did All the Candy Come From?

Back to Halloween.  Considering they didn't trick or treat, the kids had a lot of candy to trade.  

Outside to hit the pinata.  

It got cold so back inside. 

Back outside for the doughnut game.  

Eat the doughnut without hands.  

Ariel looks like she has a mustache.  

Dessert time!
Back to trading candy.  

Heading home after a fun party.  
Good night ghost.  
On Sunday, the ghost was back in the house.  Eli did his best impression.  
Ali and Todd came for dinner.  I smoked chicken.  
Nate and Eli broke the ghost!
The kids were nuts.  

Ariel's first bite of a cannoli.  She was not impressed.  
Always fun to have them over.  


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