Sunday, November 15, 2020

Zoom Bar Mitzvah

It's late Sunday night and I'm ready to pass out.  Back to last Saturday.  What a glorious November weekend it was.  
We had our last football game of the season.  All the playoff games were away and the girls weren't allowed to go so they were left with the consolation game of the teams that didn't make the playoffs.  
Practice stunting.  
Up Ariel goes!

Team introductions.  

Dori flying.  
Ariel is up again.  

I love this.  So fierce.  

The twins played nearby.  

They made a friend.  
I'm super cheer daddy!
My parents came to watch.  

Ariel is part of the pyramid.  
Great season girls!
Ice cream to celebrate.  

That night, Aden had a youth group event at the synagogue.  They watched a movie outdoors.  They were supplied with popcorn, hot chocolate and blankets.  
You may remember when we visited my cousins in LA in December.  We were supposed to go back for Noah's bar mitzvah.  Sadly we couldn't go so we had to settle for watching it on Youtube live.  
It was actually an amazing service with a live band!
Noah with his parents.  
The grandparents.  
The siblings.  
The whole family.  I enjoyed it.  


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