Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Marty in the House

It's a very rainy Wednesday night.  I really don't want to take out the trash.  I mentioned before that it was 8 years since Hurricane Sandy.  Luckily, my parent's shore house was up in the air and did not get flooded.
I'm not sure if this is funny, great or sad.  
Last Wednesday morning we had flurries!
After school, Ariel and Alex brought all the gym equipment to the family room from the basement.  
I'm not really sure why.  
Eli and Noah loved their Marty the robot dolls.  Marty is the robot that wanders around the Giant supermarkets looking for spills.   

Thanks for cleaning Eli.  
Ariel always has a doll nearby.  

Welcome to the house Marty!
Thursday afternoon, Aden had tennis.  He's finally starting to play some games, not just practice.  That should make it more fun.  
More art projects.  

Ariel's last outdoor practice for the season.  
They really lucked out with the weather this year.  

I'm so going to bed early tonight.  


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