Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Zoom Bris

It's Tuesday night.  The kids were wild tonight.  I'm exhausted.  Back to last week.

Monday morning, I went and dropped off my absentee ballot.  There was a huge line for early voting.  It was freezing.  I don't know how those people were waiting.  
At the gym later I saw them unloading Trump signs.  The owner of the gym is a big fan.  
Noah still loves making these pics that expand...
into new pics!

The bounce house is not staying fully inflated.  I don't know what's wrong.  
The mudroom is getting there!
Nothing like movies and popcorn.  
Pick up at cheer.  
Tuesday morning, I found pics of Aden and Ben when they were little.  There is Ariel too.  
I really don't remember this.  

Our cousin in Massachusetts had a baby and the bris was on Zoom that day.  I actually watched it.  When the baby started crying, I had to turn down the sound.  It made me sad.  

Driving home, I took a pic of the Bristol Road bridge over Route 1 which is about to be replaced.  It will take 6 months!  It's my most direct way to work.  I may have to quit!  It's going to be awful.  
What a sunset!
Wrestling time.  

The kids all picked out the cubbies they wanted.  
Back to drawing lessons on Youtube.  

Another one of Noah's patented pictures.  

Eli is still decorating for Halloween.  
The hooks are coming soon!


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