Monday, November 2, 2020

Going to the Mall During Covid

It's a freezing cold Monday night.  It was so windy and awful today.  I'm not ready for winter.  Let's finish off last weekend.  We were still at Lina's party Sat night.  
Time for the doughnut game.  

Eat it Noah!
Eli found some blowups he liked.  
He then started asking for one of his own.  

I kept eating!
Cotton candy machine!

All this kids were contained pretty well!

Pinata time!
Ariel took a swing.  
Noah took a swing.  
The kids were making a dent so Amer just opened it!
Pennywise says hi!
Home to check out their goody bags.  
Noah wanted to write a story about the party.  He wrote - The candy fell from the pinata at Lina's house.  That's pretty good for a 5 year old!
Ariel had gone home with Melissa so I went to get her.
Hey Honey!
Sunday morning crafts.  The boys like follow drawing lessons on the phone.  
Clay time!

We went to the Willow Grove Mall to get shoes for the kids.  We had not been to a mall this whole time.  
It was a little creepy walking around.  
Eli has always loved this fountain.  
Noah wanted to try the virtual reality glasses.  
Stride Rite!  There aren't many stores left to buy kids shoes.  We left quickly though and are not going back any time soon.  Too many people to be around.  
We stopped at Starbucks after we picked up Ariel from her playdate at Emily's.  
Let's end with the Council Rock South Cheerleaders.  Ariel's cheer tutor Rachel is second from the left.  This might be Ariel one day!


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