Thursday, November 19, 2020

Report Cards

It's Thursday night.  Woo hoo.  The world is getting crazy again.  Be careful out there!  These are from last Friday.  Busy boys before school.  
Speaking of school.  Here are the their report cards!

These were posted on Facebook.  
Our little star! 
So I smoked brisket number 2.  This time it was a whole brisket.  The flat and the point.  The last one I did was just the flat.  
This was after several hours.  It was time to wrap in butcher paper.
Honey came for a visit.  

She was happy to see Aden.  

Ok, back to the brisket.  It was done after about 7 hours.  
I sliced it up.  Looking good!  Nice smoke ring!  It could have been a tiny bit softer but it was really good and was totally eaten!
Eli back to his job decorating the house.  

Some help from the cousins.  
That night, I went to the neighbor's to play poker and Ariel went there to sleep over with Alex.  
Only 1 fuzzy picture of the night but it was fun.  Have a great weekend!


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