Monday, November 16, 2020

South Philly Invasion

Back to last Sunday.  This is November weather I can approve of.  
Our neighbors from the Shore came to visit.  You can see Steven in the bounce house.  
They live in South Philly so the kids don't get to play on grass a lot.  

The boys were so excited to see Steven.  

Ariel and Eva played with dolls.  

We had lunch then we headed out.  

It was too nice to stay indoors so we went to Styer Orchards.  Many of the farms were closed by that point.  The boys sang the whole way!
We took some pics.  
There's a festive family pic!

What a beautiful day.  
Waiting for the tractor ride.  
We had a wagon to ourselves.  

We didn't get off at the pumpkin patch.  We all had plenty of pumpkins.  We just wanted to take a ride.  
Hey boys!

What a cute couple!

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