Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Cake and Cupcakes

It's Tuesday night.  I have been cleaning and organizing the basement.  OMG.  What a mess.  A much as I do, it never seems to get any better.  The neighbors are getting work done on their house and they have a big dumpster on the driveway.  I might be throwing a few things in there.  Shhh.  We are giving away a bunch of toys to little boys.  That will help a little.  

Last Sunday, it was cold!
The boys stacked some dominoes.  

We didn't have much going on.  The kids kept busy.  
There goes Noah winning at Uno again.  
Amy had some fond memory of her mom making apricot chicken so I gave it a try.  
I think it came out pretty good.  
Then it was cake and cupcake time.  

Let's take the cupcakes to Alex's house!

The boys want some kind of countdown to Hanukkah.  
Yes, Eli had a cupcake, then some cake.  
Monday, there were some funny memes on Facebook.  

Playing Clack that night.  
What is this?  Ariel reading on her own?  That's something I have never seen before!

My cousin Amanda is a writer on this show now.  I need to check it out!


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