Monday, November 23, 2020

Family Photo Shoot

It's a chilly Monday night.  Thankfully the kids all went to bed pretty early.  I got my turkey today.  I hope it thaws by Thursday so I can smoke it!  Back to last Saturday.  I'm going to give you a sneak preview of something haven't done in over 5 years.   Family portraits!

We went to Bowman's Hill on the Delaware River near New Hope to meet the photographer.  Funny she picked this location.  This is where we came a bunch of times during the quarantine to get out of the house.  
The boys led the way.  


Here we go!  Whenever I wasn't in the picture, I tried to grab a few with my phone.  She was a pro at getting the kids to look and smile.  Aden looks like a giant!
He's taller than Amy!

The boys had fun.  
Best buds.  

Can't wait to get the real pics any day!
That night, it was Ariel's turn to see a movie outside at synagogue.  
It was freezing out!
I'm came to get her early. 


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