Thursday, November 5, 2020

Halloween Decorations

It's Thursday night and we still don't have a president.  It was really warm though, which was nice for Ariel's last outdoor cheer practice of the season.  Here's a flashback.  Amy was pregnant with Ariel and we spent the day driving exotic cars.  
I need to do this again soon.  
Last Thursday, Aden had tennis after school.  
Then Eli went to work hanging the Halloween lights I got him.  He loves to decorate.  
Noah copied this picture and did an amazing job.  
Eli and the spooky lights.
Alex was over and the girls also drew.  

More lights.  
Hanging out in the new mudroom.  
I made pulled chicken in the pressure cooker.
It came out really well!

Homework time.  
More art.  

Good job Noah!
Friday morning, the twins were dressed for their Halloween party.  

Cute class picture!
Amy dog sat Honey for the day.  
She's on my side of the bed!
Amy took Honey to get Aden and his friends from school.  
There is Aden!
I picked up the twins.  There are chickens there!

Bye Honey!  Notice Eli is outside.  He will not be anywhere near a dog.  
They worked till late Friday and just about finished the mudroom.  
The boys got goodies at school.  

Ariel went to Alex's house.  

Go Jake!
Brrrrr.  Have a great weekend!


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