Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Finally, A Mudroom

These are from last Monday and Tuesday.  

I thought this had some truth to it.  
So last Monday, we finally got to one of Amy's long time wishes.  We were getting a mud room.  I might have mentioned this before but our laundry room is upstairs, which we love, but that doesn't leave any room between the garage and the kitchen so all the shoes, bag and jackets get thrown on the kitchen floor.  
I took the boys to school.  
The guys worked really quickly.  They removed the steps.  

Ariel in school.  

Then they started framing the new room.  We went out a little further than the alcove.  
After work, I came home to this!  A new room in our garage.  
So amazing what can be done in a day.  
Back to Noah's art work.  

Cheer practice.  Cheer is winding down.  They are going to stop at the end of November.  I'm not sure if there will be a Spring session.  
More of Noah's writing on Tuesday morning.  
How tall are you Eli?  
Here's a quick flashback to 8 years ago when Hurricane Sandy was approaching.  Wow, I really don't want to remember that.  
They got to work early.  
The tile was down early on day 2.  
Drawing time.  
Then homework time.  
Studying for a math test!

Aden and Ariel had dinner at Amy's parent's house.  I went to get them late.  
Hey Cooper.  


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