Thursday, April 30, 2020

Ilicit Haircuts

It's a stormy Thursday night.  Today was day of cheerleading dolls and volcanos.  Thankfully there is no more virtual learning on Fridays.  We all need a break.  

Last Thursday we did some more experiments.  

 They are so serious.  Funny.  
 They zoomed with their class.  

 There are brief moments where they play nicely.  
 So our hair was getting out of control and we found someone that would come over and help us.  

She normally works at a local salon but has been mostly just sitting in her house.  She wore a mask and we did it outside in the cool rain.  

 The boys were really good and sat still.  
 Aden's turn, get out the razor!

 Ariel got braids and Amy got her bangs trimmed.  I haven't shaved in weeks though so my face is a mess but my hair looks!  

 We Facetimed that night with Rebecca and Jeremy from Albany.  
 Friday morning, I went to CVS.  What a world we live in.  
 I went to work.
 Later that afternoon...  If you ever wanted to know how hard it is for me to get them to pose for pictures...

I give up.  

 Have a great and safe weekend!

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