Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Ariel's Stunt Team

It's Wednesday night.  Amy took out the trash.  That's nice I didn't have to do it but I'm not sure why Aden isn't the one that takes it out.  Back to last Monday.  I ran my best mile ever!  I had never been below 12 minutes and I hit 9!  I really ran the whole time.  How do people get times of less than half that?  I have no idea.  
Ariel had cheer.  

We had a meeting about going to Florida for Nationals.  
Ariel got her own stunt group!

I took a trip to Margate on Tuesday.  There is a new playground going up that will look like Lucy the Elephant.
The house looked good but not the gate.  
I took the scooter for a ride.  It drove well.
I had a steak from Dino's for lunch.  
Ricky came to the house to fix some things.  
It was almost 80 degrees!  I took a run.  Those were some huge birds.  

Where is Sydney's house?
I ran to the beach.  It was so nice out.  
There was foam all over the place.  
I really have no idea what this was.

I even went in the hot tub, which yes is still running.  
Got all the outdoor furniture in the garage.  
Goodbye hot tub.  
I got back in time for homework.  
I had guitar and Noah had piano.  
On Wednesday, I got my neighbor Judy's book in the mail!  I haven't read it yet so I have no idea what it's even about.  
Homework time.  
So I may have mentioned Wawa wants to build at the end of my street and many of my neighbors are upset.  That night was the meeting of the township supervisors to determine if the Wawa should be approved.  They showed us renderings.  I think it's looks nice.  

My neighbor Barry spoke, then everyone else spoke for a total of 3 hours!  I think a lot of their concerns were ridiculous.  Well, they got their way.  The supervisors voted unanimously against it.  


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