Monday, November 22, 2021

Back to the Rink

It's Monday night.  The kids only have a half day more of school before the Thanksgiving break!  Help us!

Back to last Sunday.  Nothing like some early morning pickles.  
It was time for round 2 of hockey.  Our rink was taken so we had to drive all the way to Chalfont.  This one was in horrible shape.  Lots of cracks.  But it was available!
Aden and I were ready to go!

It was so cold!
We warmed up quickly though.

Aden played really well.  Had a few goals and saved a few from going in.  
A few more than last time.  Hopefully it keeps getting bigger.  
The old men.  
Back home for some boxing.  Notice how the scarecrow is lit up.  It was somehow on and scared everyone.  
Dori came back with Ariel after cheer.  

We made a gingerbread train.  
It was a quiet night.


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