Sunday, November 7, 2021

Dancing at Devin's

It's Sunday night and what an exciting weekend.  Ariel and the rest of the Northampton Indians Junior PeeWee Cheerleaders won second place in the regional cheer competition and are headed to the Nationals in Florida!  You will have to wait a week for those pictures!  Back to last Saturday.

Amy, Aden, Ariel and I got up early and went to Temple Sinai for Devin's bat Mitzvah.  It was a much longer service than Aden's but it was very nice.  
We rushed back to take the twins to their final soccer game of the season.  
They were in a good mood.  

Great job guys!
Noah got his medal.  
Then Eli.  

It was a fairly successful season.   Eli actually did a little better than Noah but overall they had fun!

Back to the house to work on Halloween decorations.  
That night, we went back to Southampton Day Camp for Devin's party.  It was the same place as Aden's.  Same caterer.  Same party planner.  Same dj and emcee.  It was like we got a do-over for Aden's and this time we got to enjoy it with no pressure!
Ariel had been looking forward to this for a long time.  

The theme was nature.  

Devin's mom Alicia.  
There's the girl of the night.  
Devin was great with Ariel.  She introduced her to all her friends and kept checking in with her to make sure she was happy. 

Aden had about 10 friends his age.  Devin had about 60!
Ariel was so excited to be partying with Jay the emcee again.  
Aden was a good sport and came.  
Lots of dancing.  
Ariel loves this!

The dancing never stopped!
Up in the chair!
I like this shot!
Ariel dancing with Izzy.

Ariel was Devin's partner for Coke and Pepsi.

They came in second!
Father daughter dance.
Went a little crazy!

My girlie loves to party.
Andy and I.  Looks like we are still in high school!

Aden did some work for the party planner!  He said he wants a job!
Our partier got pooped out!


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