Thursday, November 18, 2021

Autumn Show

It's Thursday night.  Last Thursday, we walked to school.  
Have fun Ariel in your Aden sweatshirt.  
We got a sneak peak at Adens grades.  All A's and a B.  Not too shabby.  
Lanie was over that night.  Ariel danced around with her.  Aden was embarrassed.  He needs to learn to relax.  
Eli was in charge of Alexa and the music.  

Another starry night in our bathroom.  
Story time!
Friday morning, Ariel was playing with her dolls.  
Amy and I went to school for the twins Autumn Show.  

They were so cute.  I remember Aden and Ariel doing this exact show!

The riddle was if April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?  The Pilgrims!  Lol.  

Great job guys!
That night, the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog came.  I can't believe it still exists.  I told Eli to circle some things he might want for Hanukkah.  
Later, I told him to give it to Noah so he could do the same.  Noah opens it and says everything is circled!  Lol.  
Ariel and Dori had Airborne practice.  Have a great weekend!


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