Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Fancy Dinner in Newtown

Sorry I was late with Tuesdays post.  I fell asleep in the middle of doing it!  Here's Wednesdays.  

Last Monday was quiet.  

Eli practiced his writing.  
They have been redoing the house across the street for about a year.  They started taking down the stucco last Tuesday.  
The house is so much quieter when they play separately.

Ariel did a TikTok number game to see what her compatibility was with different guys.  
Ariel and Sam!
Last Wednesday, I saw all the paper products were gone at Sam's Club.  
Noah practiced piano.  
The owner of my gym invited me to a dinner party at his house!  
He wanted to give back to supporters and people excelling at the gym.  
Here's Casey my trainer.  I guess becoming a Hall of Famer has it's perks.  
Good food, drink and conversation.  
Nice place.
While I was there, Ariel had a Halloween cheer practice. 


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