Sunday, November 28, 2021

Canning for Florida

It's Sunday night after a long and busy Thanksgiving weekend.  Tonight we had a Hanukkah, Ariel's birthday, Cheer Nationals celebration.  Phew.  Speaking of birthdays, by the time you are reading this, Ariel will be 10!  We have 2 in double digits.  2 to go!  
Ariel is such a breath of fresh air in this crazy world.  She's as sweet and caring and empathic and amazing as they come.  

Back to last Saturday.  Yes, of course, I was the one that got up early in the freezing cold to walk Honey.  
Then she woke up Ariel.  
Ariel's cheer team is raising money to help fund the trip to Nationals in Florida.  I went with her at 8am to can for money at Dunkin' Donuts.
A bunch of the girls were there.  
It was the first time we got to see the second place trophy.  The smaller one was when we won the Regionals 2 years ago.  
Number 2!
The girls were very aggressive in asking for money.  

They even took Venmo!

Great job girls!
We went back to the house and played with Honey.  
It's hard to tell but she has a full doughnut in her mouth!
Peyton was great playing with the boys and Honey.  

Tug of war time.  
As you know, Eli is terrified of dogs.  He usually stands on the kitchen island whenever Honey is over.  This time it was different.  He started joining in with the tug of war.  

Then he started throwing her the ball.  I think Eli had a breaththrough.  
It's hard to believe, but we have to start planning Ariel's bat mitzvah.  We went to see The Warrington.  
Very pretty place.  
Packages to open.
I see Hanukkah stickers.  
Eli touched Honey a few times.  
Noah practiced his piano.  
Honey hanging out on Eli's bed!


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