Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Halloween Spooktacular

These are from last Sunday.  Our neighbors are fighting a new Wawa they want to build at the end of our street.  I drove by the rally they were having.  I think they are nuts.  It would be great to have one the kids could walk to.  
Speaking of the kids, I took the twins, by myself, to Sesame Place.  It was the last day of the Halloween Spooktacular.  The boys got to wear their costumes 1 more time.  
Ran into this sign.  Are they kidding?  This is an amusement park for kids.   

It wasn't too crowded.
There were trick or treating stations.  
We saw Elmo and the Count putting on a show.  
The boys had fun running around.  

There were no waits for rides.  

I would never go on the teacups.  

Noah did the swings himself.

And the drop tower.

They did this thing together.  


Noah found a fellow astronaut.  
We watched the parade.
Hey there Big Bird!

It's hard to see but Elmo is dressed just like Eli!
Our friend calls Ariel, Azrael like the cat.  She was excited when the Smurfs movie was on.  
Lanie and Honey.  
Building robots before bed.  


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