Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rachel and Dani

Last Wednesday, Ariel had a special treat.  Dani and Rachel came to do cheer.  We only saw Rachel once in the last 3 months.  She was in from Penn State.  


Eli needs a lot of attention.  

Weight time!
She's flying!

Rachel is so strong!
No place she would rather be.

She could do this all day.  
Go Noah!
Eli's turn.
Thanks for coming girls! 
That night, Ariel had a private cheer lesson with her Airborne coach Serina.  I got to see Fiona on her Airborne team doing crazy lifts!

Serina says Ariel is very close to a back handspring!

Aden was at Lanie's playing with a rodent of some sort.  
Later that night, the twins were back in the fort.  


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