Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Holiday Shop

It's Tuesday night and it's ridiculously cold out.  Is it Spring yet?  Today was crazy.  After work, we had Ariel and the twins teacher conferences.  Ariel had cheer.  I had guitar and Noah had piano.  I went out to get food.  And a partridge in a pear tree.  

Amy worked the school holiday shop all week.  She helped shop for the stuff, set up and sell.  This was Monday.  

The squad.  

It was a quiet night.  
I made chicken.  That's about it.  

Homework time.  

Last Tuesday, the twins worked no their Hanukkah decoration plans.  
Aden had basketball practice.  He's back with his friends.  

I hope it's a good season.  
Playing in the basement.  

Ariel had cheer.  Her friend was dropped off too early was was scared to be alone.  We went over and helped her set up the mats.  

Yes, they are the same age.  
Wednesday morning, the boys got their hands on some spray icing and worked on the gingerbread train.  
Noah showed us his Spock fingers.  Live long and prosper.  

On the way to work, I saw the Ben Turkey Crossing sign.  Someone said to me they can't believe what they do with our tax money.  
That day, Ariel got to go to the shop.  

We taught the boys how to play Battleship.  
The Magnetiles have been a big draw lately.  
We got a floating dreidel.   

Happy almost Hanukkah.  


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