Sunday, November 14, 2021

Eastern Regional Competition Day

It's Sunday night.  Last Saturday was a big day so I'm going to break it into 2 posts.  Ariel and the Northampton Indian Junior PeeWees were competing at the Eastern Regionals in Trenton.  Two years ago they went to regionals and came in 3rd.  The top 2 teams go to Nationals.  Last year there was no competition due to Covid. We had a tough week going into that day.  We lost 5 girls to Covid.  Every girl has a part of the routine so the coaches had to keep reworking it.  Ariel was not a flyer this year but she was asked to fill in in the pyramid with only 1 practice!  She was excited but nervous.  The coaches were pretty negative about our chances.  

We met for a quick practice before heading to the competition.  Coach Nicole helped Ariel with her hair.  
They practiced the pyramid.  

Ariel did a great job filling in.  

Ariel started crying though.  The pressure got to her.  She didn't want to mess it up for the girls. It was a big deal to go into the pyramid with almost no practice.  Coach Lynde gave her a pep talk.  
One more run through.  They were still making changes!  Thats nuts!
We all headed up to Trenton.  We are lucky it was here, 15 minutes away.  Some teams traveled 6 hours to get here!
I gave the girls my camera.  The following are the highlights of what they took.  

Back to my pics.  

The gang!  Missing 5 though.  

Lined up and ready to go in.  
The moms.  
Here's the arena.  They had about 150 teams in the morning session.  We were with about 150 teams in the afternoon session.  
Here are the posters we made.  

Checking out the list to see when we were on and when our competition was on.  


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