Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Cheer Showcase 2021

I forgot to post this!!!  Ooops!

Here's a huge post for your Tuesday.  Last Sunday, Aden had an early playoff flag football game.  It was chilly but not too bad.

They won!  Off to the Super Bowl!
Then Ariel had her cheer showcase.  

Honey came to watch.  

I asked Ariel to pose.  

My parents came.  
All the cheerleaders from all the age groups did cheers together.  
Ariel needed a pep talk before her team did their routine.  

Good job girls!
Eva loves her cousin!
Aden was there and kind of nice!
Ariel had fun with all the girls.  

Then she got to fly a little at the end.  

One happy girl.  
Eli playing his drums.  
Aden working on this thank yous.  
My parents came to hang.
Eli took his drums to the neighbors.  I'm sure they loved that.  

Watching the bar mitzvah video again.  


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