Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Dani Hangs Out All Night

It's Wednesday night.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Ariel had a private cheer lesson today with her Airborne coach.  She's so close to a back walkover.  Last Thursday, it was warm!  Not today, which was freezing.  
Eli found some more Hanukkah decorations.  
Skater dude.
Dani came for cheer.  

Dani is such a happy girl.  
Eli is going to be a flyer one day too!
Lanie came to hang.  
Aden wrestled the twins of course.  

Such craziness.
Eli started decorating for Halloween.  

Ariel's friend Dori was at her school and found her Student Council picture.  
She then came over to do some cheer too.  

Ariel actually wants to base too.

Dani ended up staying all night.  

We watched the Bar Mitzvah video.  


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