Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Franklin Institute

It's Thursday night.  Time to straighten up the house for the cleaning lady.  Last Thursday, Amy and Melissa took the kids to the Franklin Institute.  The kids were off for Diwali.  Mark and I were impressed.  That's a big trip into center city Philly.  These are their pictures.
It's a science museum for those not around here.  

They had a blast!
Not sure what this is about.  
Playing in the fairly cleaned up basement.  
These Russian stacking dolls have been around forever.  I am amazed all the pieces are still there.

A brief moment of the twins being cute.  
I got them some fun sweets from Carlos Bakery.  
Amy had Ariel go through the Halloween candy and pick out a few favorites.  The rest were donated.  
Last Friday, Eli decided to climb.

Dani came for a short session to stretch Ariel out and give her a pep talk for the upcoming cheer tournament.  Also, we found out that Ariel was going to be a flyer for the tournament, with 1 practice!  She was excited but nervous.  
Dani gave her confidence!

A little Mousetrap anyone?  Have a great weekend!


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