Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Honey Likes to Cheer

Last Thursday, Ariel wasn't as clingy when she went to school.  
When I got home from work, Honey was there to greet me!
Honey went to pick up the kids and got to hang with Izzy and Chloe.
Hey Honey!
Dani was over for cheer.  Nice form Ariel!
Honey wanted to cheer too.  

Dani likes Honey too.  
Hi V!
Doing some exercises.  

On the skateboard with Dani and Honey.
The twins have been back on the bouncy house.  
Last soccer practice of the season!
It's hard to tell but it was really dark.  The iPhone camera really lightens things up.  
Eli did well.  
Noah cried again because someone kicked his ball.  Too much.  
Ariel tried on her costume.
So funny but not very practical.  
We ran to a Halloween store to get a backup outfit in case she couldn't pull off the giraffe.  
The place was packed and there wasn't very much left but she got something.  


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