Thursday, November 4, 2021

Trunk or Treat Indoors

It's Thursday night.  Another fast week.  Amy was adventurous.  Took the kids into the city for their day off.  Back to last Friday.  It was supposed to be windy and rainy but they were determined to have the parade.  The rain held off but it was windy.  I was worried about Ariel blowing away in her giant blow up giraffe costume.  First the twins came out.  
Our astronaut Noah.
Our Mickey skeleton Eli.  
Mrs. Gainsley at the end.  
Here comes Ariel!
I laugh everytime I see this costume.  
I ended up jumping in line and holding her head as we walked.  

There we are!
We made it back inside!
Here are some pics from Ariel's party.  

Aden had an indoor practice for football at the NAC.  
So for years school has been having a trunk or treat.  I always participated.  Last minute, they decided to move it indoors.  The rain finally did come.  Setting up for a table is a bit different then setting up a trunk.  Especially when the table I got was very far from where my car was parked.  And I had no time.  I made a couple of trips to bring in what I could and set up as the kids started coming in.  The tables lined the hallways and it was super hot in the school.  I luckily got a table right by an open door.  I think I did a pretty good job setting up.  It's mostly Bev's stuff.  

It was a crazy busy night.  They sold over 300 tickets to kids to trick or treat.  I brought a ton of candy.  I was surprised the gum went the quickest.  
My buddy Andy.  

Felice and Howard.  
A pic of me in my skeleton onesie.  
Aden even came with some friends!

I think Gizmo won the night.  

Ariel and Amelia.  
Another table.  Some people were very creative.  
They set up the haunted house in the gym.  Eli took me there to go through with him but he just looked in the door for a long time.  
We got inside but he kept staring.  

With this look!  He was so scared but he was determined to go through.  
He walked along the edge then finally went it.  He did great!  Walked all the way through.  
I grabbed food in the cafeteria.  
Amy manned the table while I was gone.  

Ariel was not going to even try to get around as the Giraffe.  She was back to a deer.  
It was a fun night!  Exhausting but fun.  
While we were there Dani had her last cheer game in the pouring rain.  She was so sad it was the end and she was wet and they lost.  Oh well.  They had a great season otherwise.  Have a great weekend!


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