Sunday, November 21, 2021


It's Sunday night.  Went to my first Eagle's game of the season!  For the end of November, it was a beautiful day and the Eagles actually had a really nice victory over the Saints.  It's such a long day and I'm so tired.  Back to last Saturday.  Eli helped make pancakes.
Which Ariel then covered in whipped cream and chocolate chips.  
Dani came for cheer.  

She has Ariel doing more core work.  

Eli did some boxing.  
Such a sweet bond they have.  
The other boys and Amy played games.  
Emily came over and Amy took the girls to the mall.  
I volunteered to take the twins to Legoland.  I had never been there before.
Wow!  It's the whole city of Philadelphia in Legos.  

Don't touch the lasers!
They loved it there!

We ran into their friend Lina from school.  Her friend Cameron was there.  They all played nicely!

Such a fun place!
Their new friend Cameron.  His mom taught them to play checkers.  Pretty crazy that Noah can play chess but not checkers.  

A little merry go round before we went home.  

Kylie came to sit.  We went to dinner with Ali and Todd and Jaime and Abby.


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