Thursday, November 25, 2021

Hanukkah Stories

  It's Thanksgiving night and I am stuffed.  I know that's cliche but I really did eat much more than I usually do at a meal.  Aunt Judy did a great job hosting. I made the dish of the night even though nobody besides me liked it.  Oh well.  Back to last Friday.

The twins wrote Hanukkah stories.            
First Noah - There are only 6 aka six more days until Hanukkah.  Mom is decorating.  Who is at the door?  Eli is at the door.  Eli is decorating.
Eli is still decorating.  Eli is decorating the family room.  Who is at the door?  Ariel is at the door.  Ariel is decorating the kitchen.  

I give up trying to translate Eli's.

Ariel had Airborne that night.  
Hey Dori!
Peyton slept over.  
So did Honey! We got her for the whole weekend.  Of course Eli was not very happy about that.  

Peyton definitely loved her.  

Cuddles with uncle Jerry. 

Amy likes to buy me sweets.  No wonder I can't get rid of my belly!  How can you resist a baked apple from the Amish farmers market?  Have a great weekend!


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