Monday, November 8, 2021

Halloween 2021

It's Monday night.  We had a big meeting with the cheer team to decide how we were going to all get to Nationals in Florida in 3 weeks!  So much planning!  

Last Sunday, it was Halloween and the little ones had Hebrew school.  
Then Aden had his Super Bowl!  

Big game!

Nice catch Aden!

Yay team!  They won!

Great season guys!

He actually posed for me!
A cool Bucks County scene near the football fields.  
We met Amy and the rest of the kids at Steve and Michelle's house for a little Halloween party.  

Back to our house to finish setting everything up.  
All the kids met at the neighbor's house.  
So cute!
The big boys went out first.  
Then the littles.  
This was the first time ever we hit all 50 houses on the street!  And many actually participated.  

They literally ran from house to house.  

Back to the neighbors for the big candy swap.  

The adults were more than happy to hang out and have some wine.  


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