Thursday, March 19, 2020

Empty Shelves

It's Thursday night and yes, it's getting worse.  They just shut down all of California.  I heard that we are very close to that.  I just ran to the market at 9:40.  They were supposed to be open till 12.  As soon as I got there, they announced they were closing at 10 and they rushed us all out.  I'm going to have to go at 7am to get more supplies.  How long will 24 rolls of toilet paper last us?  I don't want to think about it.  

Here's a quick post from last Friday, which was the calm before the storm.  It was a day off from school that became 2 weeks.  Ariel read to the boys.  

 Then I took them to school.  There were 5 other kids.  The whole school was quiet.  
 I ran to the market and found this...

 That night was quiet.

 Everyone be safe and I will be back with you on Monday.  

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