Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Lost Weekend

It's Sunday night and I can't keep my eyes open.  Daylight Saving Time has me all messed up.  But this was not nearly as bad as last weekend.  The Thursday before last weekend, Amy had gum grafting.  They took some skin from the roof of her mouth and sewed on top of her teeth to replace receding gums.  Needless to say, she had a tough few days of recovery.  That same day, Ariel had her expanders installed in her mouth.  How do they start braces at 8 nowadays?  So she was in pain.  Noah came home sick from school on Friday and ended up with a fever all day Saturday.  Aden had some kind of gluten exposure on Saturday and he got sick.  Needless to say, daddy was in charge all weekend.  

I took Eli with me to Aden's final regular season basketball game.  
 They played well.  
 Grandpop came to watch.

 Big win for the boys.  
 Eli and I made pancakes as Amy wanted something soft, but she really couldn't eat.  
 I then took Eli to a t-ball clinic.  I was curious how he would be without Noah.  He was good for a while but then just started wandering.  

 Eli took some pics.  I've said before I love when the kids do this and I can see the world from their perspective.  

 Getting some direction.  
 Good job boys.  
 That night was a blur of trying to take care of everyone.  

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