Sunday, March 22, 2020

That's a Lot of Clothes

It's Sunday night, we are still in the house.  Not traveling anywhere.  Watching the news and trying to keep the kids busy.  Today, Amy and I took turns with the twins and rested on our off hours.  This is going to be a long, long time.  Let's start off with something a little lighthearted.  

Us as the Simpsons!
 Last Saturday, I woke up as usual.  
 You do have your own bed Eli.  
 We taught Noah how to play War.  He picked it up really quickly and now can run off the order of the cards.  
 We took a ride up to central Jersey to do a little shopping.  Summer stuff for the kids.  Our Denny's closed a few years ago so now we have to drive an hour.  
 It's kid clothes heaven.

Aden really did not enjoy himself.  
 Ariel on the other hand.  
 She could have moved in there.  
 She found a Grateful Dead shirt for daddy.  
 Busy girl.  
 Aden really did not like trying on clothes.  
 We found a shirt to match Ariel's mouth!
 We weren't sure about Ariel's suit but she insisted.  
 Aden's pile.  
 Aden had enough!
 Ariel had to show Heather everything she got.  
 That night I picked up dinner from La Stalla, which was surprisingly crowded.  
 We hung out with Julia and Dave at their house.  
 Hopefully those people at La Stalla enjoyed themselves, that's it for now.  
 On Facebook we saw everyone's schedules for the upcoming week with the kids home.  Most were very serious.  Different subjects every hour.  I think we can handle this one.

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