Monday, March 23, 2020

The Upside Down

Well starting tonight, most of Eastern Pennsylvania joins 7 other states in being locked down for the immediate future.  We are supposed to stay home except to get food or go to the hospital.  The numbers of infections are exploding.  It's scary.  We blocked our cleaning people and Ariel's tutor from coming today.  No more outside people.  We spent most of the day cleaning while trying to entertain the boys.  The kids are getting less interested in home schooling and it's not even real yet.  It's going to be a long few months.  

Back to last Sunday.  My mom came over to make hamantaschen for Purim.  
 The kids always love this.  

 Aden is getting good at it.  
 Eva and Gwen came to make some too.

 Time to get dressed boys.  
 Ariel helped me get the beef stew into the slow cooker.  
 A bunch of people we didn't know were using our swingset.  So much for social distancing.  

 It was nice to be outside.  
 Boys and their towers.  
 There is kinetic sand all over the house.  
 The neighbor kids played.  
 The neighbors caught up.  
 I went for a run with Ariel.  

 Eli helped make his pizza.  
 Aden finished his Stranger Things house.  
 I love there is the Upside Down if you flip it over.  

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