Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Home Schooling

It's Tuesday night and we were finally able to get outside again.  It was a pretty nice day but the virus is accelerating.  The numbers are exploding all around the country.  We are not leaving our house.  These pics are from last Monday and Tuesday.  

I was at work Monday watching the news on my phone.  It's not really good to keep looking at the news but it's hard to look away.  
At home, Amy started school.  The oldest one had trouble being involved but the other three were pretty good.  They had morning meeting at 9:30, then everyone got their jobs.  I think Ariel was weather girl and Noah was calendar boy.  I'm not sure about the others.  Line leader?  End friend?  
 Shannon is home for the semester.  Pittsburgh and all the colleges are shutting down.  
 Amy kept trying to go back to the lessons but it was hard.  

 Yeah, it was a rough day for my 401K.  It's now like a 301K.
 We have friends working from home.  This is how their plans played out.  
 Tuesday morning, school was back in session.  Eva slept over so she was part of it.  

 I have been waiting for this since October.  It's an amp with a lot of cool features.  It has a phone app that lets you pick the song you are playing and it makes the amp sound like that song.  It can also provide background drums and bass for anything you are playing.  Pretty cool.  
 Tuesday was a nice day.  
 Amy kept trying with the lessons.  

 Arts and crafts are more popular.  

 Eli found the chocolate eggs.  
 It was St. Paddy's day.  The kids wanted to make a leprechaun trap.  

 They worked really hard on it.  

 I wonder if we caught one...

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