Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Penguin Maui

It's Tuesday night and Peter is officially the worst Bachelor ever.  At least it's over and we get our lives back.  Here are some pics from last Monday and Tuesday.  Warm day!  So what happened to winter?
 Saw a Bugatti Chiron on my way to work.  That's different.  Not that many $3 million cars around here.  
 Read the middle part.  Eli got to name the class penguin.  Maui.  
 Ready to go home boys?

 The boys set the table for dinner.  
 They put out about a dozen plates.  
 Ariel's last basketball practice for the season.  

 It's nice when Ariel reads to the boys.  Aden would never do that.  
 Ariel's Tuesday dance class.  


 Practicing their recital dance.  

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