Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sumo Bumpers

It's Wednesday night.  I guess the trash still goes out.  It's hard to know what's parts of the world are still going.  These are all from last Wednesday.  Always fun to wake up to such great news.  
 The twins came in early.  They were excited to see if we caught a leprechaun.  The naughty leprechaun seems to have taped up the stairs.  

 So funny.  

 Awww.  He got away.  

 Eli picked the frosting and ate it all day.  
 It was a busy day of games and school work.  

 Up to the school.  This is the last time we let the kids near the school equipment.  

 My trainer Paul came over to work with Amy and I.  This is the longest we haven't been at the NAC!
 I finally blew up the sumo bumpers.  

 Marble time.  

 Back to play in the basement.  
 Even Heather gave it a try.  
 We have been having sweets every night.  
 We need the sweets to deal with stuff like this...

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