Monday, March 30, 2020

Zoom Meetings

It's Monday night.  Today was the first day of virtual learning.  The kids did not get up as early as we would have liked but they did get some work done.  The twins actually work the hardest of the 4!  Aden thankfully does most of it on his own.  Ariel still needs help.  It was supposed to be warm and sunny today and we were looking forward to getting out after the weekend's rain but it was cool and wet today.  It's hard to be cooped up.  Here are a few pics from last Sunday.  

Amy is trying everything to get the boys to learn something.  
 We had a Zoom meeting with the twins friends and their teacher.  
 It was funny to hear them interacting.  
 It was a quiet afternoon.  Notice how the boys are still in pjs.  
 Looks like they finally changed.  
 I found some 3d puzzles for them to work on.  

 So it begins.  
 The boys ask mommy to scratch their backs.  
 Bedtime craziness.  Not sure why they always pick Aden's room.

 Some funny things I saw on Facebook.  

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