Monday, March 9, 2020

Love the Not Annoying One

It's Monday night.  Amy and I have to start watching the Bachelor Finale.  Back to last Sunday.  Noah was a little better when he got up.  Everyone else was still a mess.  
 We did some Legos together.  

 Melissa took Aden to the gym then they got smoothies. 
 Ariel was a helpful big sister helping me while mommy was recovering.  
 Basketball time.  

 I took both the boys so Amy could rest.  
 A little time on the playground at Richboro Elementary with grandmom.  

 Ariel wrote this to me at school.  I love the way she signed it.  "Love the not annoying one"
 It was a quiet night.  Noah's fever came back a little.  
 Aden was helpful as usual torturing his siblings.  

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