Sunday, March 15, 2020

Unless You Puke, Faint, or Die, Keep Going

Like I said, I'm not going to rehash all the craziness in the world except to say these are going to be some long weeks in quarantine.  At least the supermarkets are still open.  We will have to be creative with the activities.  Back to before the zombie apocalypse.  A week ago Friday, we got Aden's one line in the school play.  He is Camper Itchalot.  (if there is going to be a play)
 Eli was flag boy at school.  
 At pickup they were watching a movie.  
 Grandma's Grotto for dinner.  

 A little serenading before bed.  
 Saturday Aden actually wanted to jam with me a little on the guitars.  Hopefully we keep it up.  
 Aden had a tennis lesson.  This is my kind of place!

 For the first time ever, all six of us went to the movies together! We went to see Onward, the new Pixar movie.  
 We had some snacks then went in.  

 The kids did pretty well.  They would ask questions a little loudly and Eli wandered a bit but I think it was successful.  

 Finishing our snacks.  
 The twins went back to sliding down everywhere they could.  
 Allison came to sit.  
 We had dinner with Felice and Howard at La Stalla then back to their house to play cards and eat brownies.  
 Howard broke out the good stuff.  I will always accept a sip of Pappy Van Winkle.  

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