Sunday, March 29, 2020

First Smores of the Season

It's Sunday night and the world is still crazy.  We took a long drive today to get out.  It's so quiet out there with so many people staying home and so many businesses closed.  The twins slept in the car, which was really nice.  Tomorrow we start virtual learning.  That should be interesting.  The kids even have their specials like music and art.  Speaking of teachers...

 There is some funny stuff out there.  
 Back to last Saturday.  Looks like we were doing marble tracks early.  
 Ariel's cheer coaches husband is a contractor now out of work.  We might have him come replace our back door.  We need a new one.  
 Aden helped out the neighbors with their mulch.  
 Maybe not the smartest idea but we spent the afternoon at Todd and Ali's house.  
 The kids had a lot of fun.  Even gave the adults a few minutes to ourselves!

 Noah should not have been driving.  He crashed into everything.  
 Thanks for cleaning Eli.  
 It was a but chilly, so we got the fire going.  

 Since there was a fire, how could we not make smores?

 This was the last time we hung out with people. Don't know when we will be able to do that again.  It's so sad and scary.  We, like Olaf, need warm hugs.  
 This was Ariel's picture of Amy and I.  I guess I needed to shave.  

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