Monday, March 16, 2020

Purim Basket

It's Monday night and things are still getting worse around the world.  The Pennsylvania governor just ordered all non-essential businesses to close for the next 2 weeks.  The president is saying this could all go through August.  It's totally unbelievable.  Back to last Sunday where it's hard to remember having so many activities in one day.  

We took the boys to a musical show at synagogue at 9am.  
 They were not into the singer.  They prefered to color.  
 Noah on the left, Eli on the right.  
 The older kids were in services.  
 We picked up our Purim basket.  This is the first year they made baskets for every family.  

 These are the people that contributed to our basket.  
 The goodies we got.  
 Some arts and crafts.  
 Duck Duck Goose!
 Ariel's long lost best friend Chloe spent the afternoon.  
 It was nice to see her.  
 Ariel then had her last basketball game of the season.  

 Great job Ariel!

 That night, the twins friend Claire came for dinner.  

 We made meatball sandwiches and ran around like crazy!

 Hopefully we will be able to have friends over soon.

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