Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Middle School

I'm not going to discuss the virus here.  Not the stock market.  Not the travel ban.  I'm trying to keep this light.  I think these were from last Wednesday.  
 Some of the artwork at school.  

 Trying to break out.

 It was chilly but the boys wanted to play outside.  

 That night was our middle school orientation.  Just for the parents.  
 The principal and vice principal were pretty funny.  
 There is a lot to learn!  They are on a 6 day rotating schedule. That sounds confusing!
 All the classes besides math you can go back and forth between honors and regular.  Math has it's own track and whatever you pick for 7th grade dictates all your math classes through 12th grade so it's a big decision what to take.  
 Aden weighs about 90 pounds and wants to gain 20 so he can play heavy weight tackle football!  Yeah right.  
 We explored the school.  It's old but recently renovated.  

 It was very nice.  

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