Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Everything is Cancelled

It's Wednesday night at things keep going downhill.  You have all know what's going on so I will not say anything else.  These are from last Wednesday and Thursday.  Not sure what's going on here.  I was cooking dinner I think.  
 A tunnel walked by.
 Should we be scared?
 Nighttime cuddles.  
 It was a rough day of Wall Street.  The first of many.  
 Things started shutting down.  
 Thursday morning, the twins wanted to show me their chalk art.  
 I guess I was too late going to Sam's Club.  This is the paper towel and toilet paper aisle.  
 Homework time.  
 Noah is very serious.  

 At the same time, Eli was sticking his hand in slime.  Shows you the difference.  
 Making different colored water.  

 Normal night activities.  

 We found out school was going to be cancelled for two weeks.  Now that it's a week later, it's pretty clear that it's going to be a lot longer than two weeks.  

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