Thursday, April 2, 2020

2020 Cancelled

It's Thursday night.  Somehow we have made it through almost 3 weeks of quarantine.  Three weeks down, so many months to go.  The CDC is now saying we should wear masks when we leave the house.  Great.  Today we hit 1,000,000 infected and 50,000 dead across the world.  The death rate had been around 1%, now it's at 5%.  Scary.  Ok, enough virus talk, back to last Thursday.  Our neighbors had a flood at their house.  Our friend came over to wash all their towels that got wet.
 It was nice to see Adam who you might remember was Amy's prom date!
 Back on the seesaw.

 Then back to sliding down the steps.  
 Not so safe.  
 Ariel drawing her little brothers.  
 Our baby cousin Serena from Boston.  
 We had some sad news.  Our cousin from Israel died.  We first went to Israel for my Bar Mitzvah.  Zeev was my grandfather's first cousin and looked just like him, it was crazy.  We have seen them in Israel and the US over the years.  We were supposed to see their kids and grandkids next week in Florida but that isn't happening.  I look at him now and see what my grandfather might have looked like at this age.  RIP!

 On Friday, we tried Osmo race cars.  That was fun.  

 In the afternoon I was walking through the kitchen and noticed the table was covered in water!  Looking up I saw the ceiling dripping right under our bathroom.  I ran upstairs to find water around the tub.  It seemed to be coming from the faucet.  

I found the access, but the water cutoff was several feet away from that tiny hole.  

I quickly shut off the water.  You can almost make out the shut offs.  No way to reach. 
 I called a plumber.  He wanted $300 just to come out.  I sent him pics and he said he probably wouldn't be able to do anything anyway.  You might have to break through the wall to get to the shutoffs.  Thankfully, my handy neighbor saved the day.  He tightened and sealed the faucet and it seems to be holding.  Saved me $300 but we will have to get it replaced one day.  
 Aden tried wine.  
 Then bourbon.  
 He hated both!
 Bev came to visit but didn't come in.  

 On this note, have a great weekend!

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